Starting January 19th!

Fleet Feet Training Club 6 Week Winter Fitness Group

Info. session Saturday, January 16th at 9am.

This is a winter fitness training program that will meet on Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. The group will do some running, core work, yoga, rolling, strength work and many other things to get you fit, keep you fit and ready for spring running. 

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Program Start: Tuesday, January 19th, 6:00pm
Program Schedule: Tuesday, 6pm-715pm, Saturday, 830am.
Program Fee: $75
Description: This is a great way to get in shape, stay in shape and avoid the winter blues. This group will lead in to a 12 week training group for the Bolder Boulder and spring races. The group will run, get strong, roll, work on flexibility and have fun. We'll have a couple of clinics during this 6 weeks as well for you to get all the best info from the experts.
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