Training Is FUN

Have you ever thought about running a Half Marathon for fun? Yes...Fun.

When we enter a training program for a specific race, we usually spend more than 95% of our time in TRAINING...the race is only a very small part of the program. In designing this program, my main goal is not to help you finish your first 1/2 marathon, or even to make you faster...if you "show up for practice," and follow directions, that's almost inevitable.

No. The focus of this group is not really on the race at all. Our focus, instead, will be on building and fostering a group/team/community that ensures we're all enjoying ourselves regardless of what we're doing together. 

In this beautiful place called Boulder, where so many phenomenal athletes reside and so many of us train so hard, I want to make sure we also have an outlet to experience the beauty of running  with a goal of friendship.

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