Snowshoe Rental

Don’t stop getting out just because of a little snow! Come rent snowshoes from Fleet Feet Sports Boulder.

Snowshoes we carry:

We carry Men's, Women's and Kids

Crescent Moon

    *  The Gold Series

    *  The Silver Series

    *  Gold Race & Training

    *  Kids

Both series of snowshoes have the Crescent Moon SPL (Single Pull Loop) binding but with different buckles. It has been recognized as the best binding year after year by the media, testers and customers alike. The all foot encompassing binding system is made of a flexible polymer which wraps around your foot and provides excellent support and comfort and will not come out of adjustment. It is a quick and easy entry and exit even with gloves on.

Our Tear Drop shaped frame provides outstanding maneuverability without loss of floatation. This unique shape allows you to walk and run naturally without changing your stride or waddling. The frames are made with 6063 aircraft grade aluminum tubing and TIG welded for strength. The decking is lightweight, durable, highly abrasion resistant, and quiet, noticeably different from plastic snowshoes.

The aggressive 3 crampon traction system provides outstanding grip in all terrains particularly on climbs and traverses. Crescent Moon is the only snowshoe company to have a toe claw which is important for digging in when climbing hills or mountains and helps with push-off when hiking or running.


    *  Flex NRG

    *  Storm - kids

The feature-rich FLEX NRG snowshoe is the gold standard for ergonomic comfort. The patented Soft Strike™ zone is coupled with the biomechanically-designed FLEX Tail™ to make the FLEX NRG a dream for your joints, and the new, slim deck shape makes your fitness or recreational endeavors more natural and comfortable. 


   *   Atlas Run

All-new Atlas Run snowshoe features totally new LightSpeed Binding for precise foot placement while shaving crucial weight.

Spring-Loaded™ Suspension flexes the new, ultra-light Speed V-Frame for powerful energy return, natural articulation, and an uncompromised running stride.

The Run’s lightweight aluminum Twin-Trac™ crampons offer traction on the iciest terrain. This is a unisex snowshoe.


   * Performance Racing 

Designed, Built and Used by experienced Snowshoe Racers and Hikers, these tough, lightweight snowshoes are comfortable to wear and can adapt to a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions. Just a quick turn with a screw driver and all the parts can be changed in seconds! The modular design allows you to creat the perfect combination of components to suit the conditions or your personal taste. Also, you can easily replace worn parts or upgrade as new parts become available without having to buy an entirely new snowshoe.

Our exclusive blend of performance, durability, and comfort is found in every snowshoe model we offer. By combining an innovative design with quality materials and craftsmanship, we offer a “custom” snowshoe at a “pre-fab” price.

Snowshoe Rental Program

One-day rental (Monday - Thursday):   $15
Weekend rental (Friday - Sunday):  $32

Booties rental
One-day rental:   $3
Weekend rental:  $6

Snowshoe we carry:

-  Crescent Moon

-  Tubbs 

-   Atlas

-  Dion

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