Fleet Feet Boulder Ambassador Program

Do you want to be a “Fleet Feet Sports Boulder Ambassador”?

 Fleet Feet Sports Boulder has partnered with the Boulder Track Club to create an Ambassadors program for 10 athletes that has them represent their club and community with pride, passion and athletic excellence. They are leaders within their club, supporting community/ charity and social events and provide a positive experience to all their club members by accepting the responsibility that comes with being a role model within their club and community. This program has been very successful and now Fleet Feet Sports Boulder would like to expand on this and provide another 10 runners in our community, the chance to be a part of the “Fleet Feet Sports Ambassador team”

 What does it involve?

 - Social media promotion through Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

- Race in the uniform that will be supplied.

- Support charity/ community events such as volunteering for Jamestown Juggernaut or coaching Boulder Mountain Lions Program (as example).

-Be a mentor for the Fleet Feet Training Club and attend some training sessions with the club.

- Attend store funs runs and store events when possible.

- Fleet Feet Sports will be your only running store to support and purchase from. You are encouraged to participate at other store fun runs!

 What do you get?

 - 1 x new Fleet Feet Sports Boulder race uniform

- 1 x warm up jacket

- 1 x T-Shirt

- 1 x pairs of Trainers

- 1 x pair of racing flats

Value $250 wholesale ($400 retail)

+ 30% off all purchases in-store at Fleet Feet Sports Boulder

 Are there requirements?

 There are no time or performance standards needed. You just need to be a great person that is committed to making a positive difference in our community through the sport of running.

 What do I need to do?

 Write a 100 words or less on why you want to be part of this program and send it to lee@fleetfeetboulder.com. Our 10 athletes will be announced at the start of May 2016.

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