Two shoes....One Mission

Heart Strides provides new running/walking shoes to Moms who are caring for children with critical/chronic illness or special needs.

It is our passion to support and encourage Moms to keep moving forward through times when they are least likely to make their health a priority.For some Moms, new shoes might be a starting point to help them take new and first steps toward self-care. For others these shoes will help them to keep moving. Running shoes can be a simple gift, yet an extravagant one for most families, as they are navigating mounting medical bills and other pressing needs.

Whether these shoes are worn to walk around the block or run an event, we are here to support and cheer Moms across their own finish lines-whatever those may be- and encourage them on their way by taking steps towards better health.

To learn more about Heart Strides please find us on Facebook, or contact us at 

 Please, join to the Virtual Event. You can get together with your friends and run or walk on October  25th or 26th.

Here is a link where you can support this event. Thank you for supporting MOMS!

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