One World Running

One World

We are proud to be a drop off site for One World Running. Bring in your  used running shoes (especially kids shoes) at our store.

One World Running (Shoes for Africa), a Colorado non-profit organization with federal 501-c-3 tax-exempt status. send shoes to sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti and Central America. The majority of the shoes come from individuals, running clubs or schools that  put on shoe drives. Some of the shoes are new; many are “near-new,” which are the ones sent overseas. The shoes that are beat up and not suitable for shipment are sent to Nike in Beaverton, Ore., through Boulder’s Eco-Cycle program, to be ground up and made into running tracks and playgrounds through the Reuse-a-Shoe program.

For more information, Visit, call (303) 473-1314 or (303) 828-4391: or email: or

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